Saturday, February 25, 2012

Original wedding cards and telegrams.

My brother Ian and his wife Wilma celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary today with friends and family at the Clarion On Canterbury Hotel in Forest Hill.  Despite the weather being very hot outside, we all enjoyed ourselves in air conditioned comfort, with sandwiches, savouries, and sweet things to nibble on throughout the afternoon.
I foccused my camera on taking photos of members of the family that I knew, so this blog will not be a complete record of the day, because there were many more people present who are friends of Ian and Wilma, as well as Wilma's side of her family. 

They have kept their wedding and engagement cards in an album, and it was fascinating to look at the cards which are such a contrast to the style of cards in the 21st century.  I took a few photos of them - telegrams too.  Do people still send telegrams today?  More likely emails or posts on Facebook!

Wedding photos, and the same couple today.

The wedding album was on display, and I took the opportunity to copy some photos that had special meaning for me. The first one shows my Dad and Mum (on the left) in the bridal party with Wilma's parents on the right. I remarked to Ian that I don't remember Dad looking that young. (I was 13 then). The second photo is a lovely pic of Wilma in her beautiful wedding dress. I remember thinking at the time that she looked like a princess; I just loved that dress!
The third colour photo is one that I took today.

Children and grandchildren.

I wanted to take as many photos as I could, because I don't get to see them all together like this very often. Once every five or ten years perhaps - weddings, anniversaries and funerals! Susan's husband Stephen wasn't able to be here today, but all the kids were, so I lined them all up in order of age with Susan on the left: David, Danielle, Rachel, Katy, and Peter.

Then I nailed down Steve and Vanessa with Alyssa and Zoe. I had to take several shots before Steve stopped putting two fingers up behind his daughters' heads. Naughty boy, you are just like your father!  But that was a beaut tribute you presented for your parents...
 Small audience at Steve's feet during his speech.

I caught Zoe with a full plate of goodies! She looked so cute in her pretty dress and sparkly sandals.

More family photos.

Phillip and his family couldn't come over from W.A., but he sent a text message for Steve to read out at the party. Here are Ian and Wilma with two of their three 'children' (hardly children now, but to their parents, they will always be kids, won't they?)

Ian with Gina and Bryan.

Ian, Ken, Gina and Wilma

Bryan's wife Robbie, with Maureen and Cousin John Weickhardt. Our other cousin Phil and his wife Trish were invited, but are overseas.